Orthodox Calendar for the Greater Pittsburgh Area
Provided by
IOCC Pittsburgh Metropolitan Committee

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If you have events that should be listed in this Calendar, please forward the complete information to nterezis@mstrategic.com or fax it to 740-282-5307. For questions, please call Nick at 740-282-5198.

About this Calendar

As a service to our local community, the IOCC Pittsburgh Metropolitan Committee has created and will maintain a comprehensive calendar of all Orthodox events in our region.

This resource is being provided to the community to help:

              1. Build awareness of your Church’s or Orthodox Organization’s events (and increase participation)
              2. Build fellowship between all Orthodox Churches
              3. Provide the opportunity for people to engage in more Orthodox activities
              4. Improve planning and communication

We Need Your Help

We need you help to make this Calendar even better.  Can you please consider doing the following:

            1. Send us information about your events – email event information to nterezis@mstrategic.com or fax to 740-282-5307.
            2. Ask your Church to announce the existence of this resource in the weekly and monthly bulletins.
            3. Ask your Church or Diocese to send out an email announcing this Calendar
            4. Ask your church to embed this calendar onto your Church website.  Here is the code for embedding this calendar into a webpage:

Our Region

We plan to list all Orthodox events that are within an hour radius of Downtown Pittsburgh.

Type of Information that Should Be Listed on the Calendar

The types of events that we would like to have on this calendar are things like lectures, festivals, retreats, choir events, picnics, etc. We do not want to include things like individual church vesper schedules, or events that people outside of a single parish would prefer not to attend.

We need new committee members!

We need your help!! If you are interested in joining our local volunteer committee please contact Nick Terezis at 740-282-5198 or nterezis@mstrategic.com. We have monthly meetings.

Thanking our Committee for this Calendar

If you like this calendar, the best way to say thank you is to please consider giving a donation to IOCC.  Thank you for your help.

In Christ,

– Nick Terezis, IOCC Pittsburgh Metropolitan Committee