Fee Schedule

While Marathon has been successful in attracting many clients, we will not compromise service by having more clients than we can serve! Consequently, we offer our services to clients that open accounts with a minimum investment of $200,000. This minimum will increase over time to further curtail the number of clients that we serve.

  • ACCOUNTS OVER $1,000,000
ACCOUNTS OVER $1,000,000
1.00% on first $1,000,000
0.75% on next $4,000,000
0.50% on next $10,000,000
0.40% on $15,000,000 +
  • ACCOUNTS UNDER $1,000,000
1.50% on first $200,000
1.25% on next $300,000
1.00% on next $500,000
Above $1,000,000 use other chart
Non- U.S. resident client accounts, add 0.20% to all pricing tiers of the above fee schedule. Fees are generally based on the market value of assets under management and are payable quarterly in arrers. Your fees will be charged to your account and paid directly by the custodian selected to maintain your account.

Fee Only

Marathon provides investment advisory services on a fee-only basis and does not have any soft-dollar or hard-dollar compensation agreements with brokers, banks, or custodians(*). There is never any incentive for Marathon to execute a trade other than for your sole benefit. Unlike a relationship you may have with a broker, you are not a customer. You are a client. This means that Marathon has a fiduciary responsibility to always put your interests first.

(*) The exception to this, as described in Marathon’s Form ADV, is Marathon’s participation in TD Ameritrade’s Institutional Services Program. Marathon receives: duplicate client confirmations and bundled duplicate statements; access to a trading desk servicing institutional participants exclusively; access to block trading; access to electronic communications network; receipt of compliance publications & research; and client access to mutual funds and EFT’s that may have lower initial minimums and/or lower fees/transaction costs.